The EYFS puts an even greater focus on the importance of outdoor play for children, of all ages.  We have free flowing continuous access to outdoors for all our children, our outdoor environment mirrors the indoors and is an integral part of the EYFS curriculum. We are continually improving the outdoor provision we have to offer to ensure your child receives the best education during their time with us.


While your child is at nursery they will have periods of time outside, irrespective of the weather. Outdoor play is important.  A range of activities will be planned to link to and extend knowledge which is being explored indoors. It allows children to develop skills that are not always safe to do inside, and we provide opportunities to run, climb, dig, balance and throw.


To make it possible for the children to fully access the outdoors we request that all parents provide their child with a waterproof coat.  A season appropriate hat is also required. In addition to this children can bring scarves and gloves in winter.  A few parents have also opted to provide full waterproof suits for their children, which are useful, but not essential.
In the summer we will provide sun cream for your child.  Cream should be applied to your child’s skin, everywhere, before they are brought to nursery.  Staff will then reapply sun cream to exposed areas throughout the day.  

You will find consent for this with the application form, which must be completed.  Consent will also be renewed on a yearly basis.  More details on this will be provided at the time.

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