Little Harvard’s day nursery is situated in Parr, St Helens close to Broadoak Primary School.


Here at Little Harvard’s we provide a happy, healthy, relaxed and secure environment which will enable your child to flourish.


The nursery although open plan is divided into two stimulating rooms. We have a 0-2’s room for the babies and a 2-5’s room, both room provide a challenging environment to enable all children to learn through play.


We employ qualified, experienced and loving staff to ensure all babies individual needs are met. Here at Little Harvard’s we understand the needs of babies and provide the best possible care for all the babies in our unit. We follow any routine that your baby may already be into, to ensure easy settling in, and all parents are asked to complete individual requirements sheet.


Our baby room caters for 18 children, providing a large secure area ensuring plenty of floor space for crawling, and movement. The babies also benefit from a large messy area incorporating a sand area, a water area, malleable area, and a painting area.


Children transfer into this room when they reach the appropriate development stage, and after consultation with the parents. They are introduced to a more structured day and activities are planned to encourage children’s growing curiosity and to stimulate language.


When children reach the pre school age, there learning will incorporate the EYFS, and the early learning goals. These first stepping stones of learning will help children prepare for school. Activities that are designed to help learning will be exciting, stimulating and enjoyable. Children are encouraged to take part in all the experiences offered so they grow in confidence and independence.

The great outdoors…..!


The babies benefit from their own separate secure area which is also a soft surface. All children have daily access to outdoors. The children also have access to a climbing frame where children can practice and consolidate gross motor skills. We also have a wide variety of small and wheeled equipment.

Little Harvards Day Nursery in St Helens Merseyside WA9 2JE

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