We provide children with a breakfast, a full cooked lunch and an afternoon snack, depending on their hours of attendance.


Breakfast – Choice of cereal and toast, milk and water to drink

Lunch – A cooked meal, freshly prepared on site, dessert and juice or water to drink

Afternoon Snack – A light snack i.e. sandwiches, cheese on crackers, beans on toast etc with a selection of fruit and water to drink


We currently hold a gold healthy eating award which ensures our menus are of a high standard. The menus are on a four week rotation and consist of a variety of meals. We regularly review and change our menus where necessary.  We are committed to providing healthy, low sugar foods for the children in our care.


We can cater to all dietary requirements, providing vegetarian alternatives or providing foods suitable for a child with an allergy.


Please feel free to ask if your child would require a special diet and we will take every step necessary to provide it for them.

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